Alright Tigerstripe is expecting kits! Her mate was a loner with a name that I will say later but he's black and you can see Tigerstripe here. She is gonna have 4 kits but two die. Possible pelt colors: Black, Brown, Dark brown tabby, Tabby, black and brown, black and brown tabby. That's all I'm guessing.

Kit one (That's going to be dead. StarClan): Ravenkit            Rper:Crys

Kit two: Brindlekit        Rper:Wolfff

Kit three:Amberkit     Rper:I guess Crow

Kit four (That's going to be dead.DF):Shadowkit/Darkkit       Rper: Ginga Ninga ;D

Alrighty there will be a contest and I'll pick the lucky winners. And One kit will go to Dark Forest and the other StarClan there will be some drama. But yeah later I'll tell you the father. Ba,Da,Da,Da INTO THE VOID!! ~ChimneySwift~ (talk) 22:04, August 26, 2013 (UTC)

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