aka Shockfrost, Loudclaw

  • I live in Somewhere in this Audience of One
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Wishing I could turn back Time itself...
  • I am Male
  • Shockfreeze

    Miserable by Lit (2011 version)

    You make me come
    You make me complete
    You make me completely miserable - All of those stuck up bullies make me miserable.
    Stuck to a chair
    Watchin' this story about me
    Everything goes by so fast
    Making my head spin - So many rumors are spread about me that I'm not even able to keep up with them!
    Used up all of my friends
    Who needs them when you mean everything - Dawn is the one person that pulls me through this. If not for her, I wouldn't even be happy EVER.
    I love the things that we should fear
    I'm not afraid of being here
    So much the same
    It makes me helpless alone - I'm helpless when I'm alone. I can't do much alone.
    Nothing to share
    Why should I care if your near me
    Give up all of my plans
    But who needs them
    When you mean…

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  • Shockfreeze

    A Short Story

    January 29, 2013 by Shockfreeze

    I know that what happened was not a good event for me. But I made sure to keep going and to keep doing it regardless of what I did. But read this essay, and I will recapitulate what happened to me, and my friends...

    I was just at my computer, putting a caption on a photo on Wikia. Minecraft was in the background, lagging my computer. But I checked back on it every so often.

    This was a fatal mistake.

    The instant I clicked “Publish” on Wikia, I was sucked right into my Minecraft world! And I ended up BEING the player. I would have to escape the computer. Unfortunately for me, I had monsters activated on this world, and I would have to get my stuff and create weapons.

    At night, I noticed that they would just come out. I had some iron and plenty of wood…

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  • Shockfreeze

    I would like to be a chatmod because I feel like I need to be more helpful around here.

    • I have a sense of justice.
    • I know what is wrong and what is right.
    • I have an understanding of what the rules are.
    • I am on for long hours.
    • I am willing to change.

    • I am reluctant to kick or ban until I know exactly what has happened.
    • I am a tad bit snappy when I get antagonized enough.

    Loudclaw Longtime reader of the Warriors Series 03:33, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Shockfreeze

    Here's the tune and beat of which it is sung to.

    Foxes… Oh, man…

    So we’re just in the camp

    Chatting with friends in this area, a-area

    It’s just so pleasant here, nothing wrong and just Coldpelt here. Cold-Coldpelt here!

    Heads up! You hear a sound, sniff a scent and look up

    Total shock fills your body

    Oh, no it’s you again! I could never forget those eyes-eyes-eyes, eye-eye-eye-eyes…

    Cause baby tonight!

    The foxes tryin to kill our kits again!

    Cause baby tonight!

    You yowl to make Silverkit bolt again! (Bolt aga-ain!)

    And run, run, until it’s done, done, until the sun comes up in the morn’.

    Cause baby tonight!

    The foxes tryin to kill our kits again! (Kits aga-ain!)

    Just when you think she’s safe, foxes break…

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  • Shockfreeze

    My Cats...

    December 18, 2012 by Shockfreeze

    After a while, I'm going to have a lot of cats under my control, through lineage mainly, not new character creation.

    • Loudclaw - A silver tabby tom with green eyes, with black stripes running down his spine. Black tailtip. Apprentice: Lionpaw. Loudclaw

    • Coldpelt - A pure white she-cat with glowing blue eyes. Loudclaw

    None at the moment.

    None at the moment.

    None at the moment.

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