So Dawn and I agreed to start up again one of the older prophecies started but never finished. Instead of the older cats, we will use new ones.

To make things fair, each user to take place to catch wind of the Prophecy of the Flood can roleplay only one cat. IceClan, MoonClan, RockClan, and FlameClan will take part in the prophecy. First comes, first serves. Each cat chosen get a message from StarClan about the prophecy, which will be announced when the cats are chosen.

There will be a great flood that will kill of all inactive cats, but those that live are those that are roleplayed. The four cats are there to stop it from damaging the clans any more, and they will lead the clans to a safer place, which will be shown in the message StarClan gives them.

The four that are chosen must be roleplayed daily, along with the clan itself.

Ready. Set. Go.


IceClan - Runningheart, RPed by Wolf
FlameClan - Rosefoot, RPed by Ginger
RockClan - Skyfire, RPed by Crys
MoonClan - Tigereye, RPed by Crow

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