• IceClan15

    Bases I used for my cats

    December 18, 2012 by IceClan15
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    Mah Catz~

    December 17, 2012 by IceClan15

    Okey just a blog of my cats so I don't forget any of them when I get more over time :)

    MistClan cats:

    Leader:Tigermist - a steel blue she cat with two black stripes on her back and legs.Bright blue eyes.

    Med Cat:Aqualeaf - an Aqua blue she cat with seafoam green eyes and a green leaf on her forhead.

    Kit:Lionheart - a carmel colored male kit with green eyes.

    IceClan cats:

    Warriors:Frostpelt - a dusty white she cat,speckled with frosty blue dots

    Shadowpaw: A grey she cat,right paw right paw is black,has a dark purple cresent moon on her forhead,red eyes.

    MoonClan cats:

    Warriors:Featherlight - a black she cat with a grey feather like pattern on her back and sides.Silver eyes.

    More to come soon :D

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