Ok, So Dawneh here will teach all of you how to make a blog which requests a position. The only open position is Chat Mod.

It should be named "Request for Chat Mod ~ (your FULL name here)"

First, you state WHY you want a position.

Then, put reasons why you would be a good Chat Mod.

Put negatives next.

Then, sign.

At the end, it should look something like this (Without the parts in brackets):

Request for Chat Mod ~ Dawnsong2

I am requesting this position because I believe I can help this wiki succeed. (add as much as you can here)

I would make a good Chat Mod because: 

  1. I have many edits
  1. I'm very close to many users
  2. (And so on)

My negative points are:

  1. Sometimes I forget to do things
  2. I love to kick
  3. (And so on)

FtP Fangirl | Cubbie Fink doesn't find you amusing 02:52, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

More coming soon!

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