IceClan is a Group that calls most of the southern territories their home. The name of their Clan comes their founder, Snow, who was known for his white pelt and when compared to Ember, a much more passive approach to leading the early Clan. IceClan's territory is primarily wooded and they are higher in elevation and often have the first snow of the year before their neighbours. The weather is also always generally cooler than that of FlameClan. These cats are known for their hunting abilities in the thickly-wooded terrain they call home. IceClan cats are generally white or have high-grade white spotting, however, throughout the year's other colours are quickly becoming recognised as being common. The currently most common colours include; white, any bicolour, black, tabby, greys, and any special variants under those patterns and colours.

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Will be chosen in the roleplay.

Medicine CatEdit

Magpienose—a black and white she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Maple


Lilystep—pure white she-cat with mint-green eyes. Roleplayed by: Luke
Smokewing—dark gray she-cat with white points and green-blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Luke
Crowfoot—black tom with yellow eyes. Roleplayed by: Luke
Alderleap—tabby tom with amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Luke


Icepaw—silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes eyes Roleplayed by: Luke
Sparrowpaw—brown and white tom with green eyes. Roleplayed by: Luke

Queens and KitsEdit




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