Smokestar stretched as he felt a cool breeze ruffle his pelt. After sniffing the air he knew they'd have more rainfall by dusk. Why so much rain? He asked himself. The grey and white tom turned and leapt down from his den onto the soft dirt below. Bluenose, the clan's medicine cat, sat outside her den talking with Rosewhisker and Ivysnow. The two queens had recently given birth to healthy kittens and now his clan was thriving.

Hazelkit whined as she watched her mother chat with Bluenose. "I wanna be the next medicine cat!" The molly said suddenly gaining Bluenose's attention. The blue and white molly shook out her thin pelt before speaking. "It's a lot of work Hazelkit." She said. "Psh! I can deal with it," she replied daringly. Legit Boss 17:09, April 14, 2016 (UTC)