Dark Forest
Dark Forest
Clan Dark Forest
Relation Dark Forest
Territory A dark and murky forest
Status Inactive
Neighbors StarClan
Roleplay Dark Forest/Roleplay

Dark ForestEdit

The Dark Forest is a place where some cats go when they die. The cats that join the Dark Forest are not welcomed by StarClan, mainly because they did evil deeds during their lives. The Dark Forest is always plotting to overthrow StarClan.


Former Leaders Edit

  • None at the moment

Former Deputies Edit

  • None at the moment

Former Medicine Cats Edit

  • None at the moment

Former Warriors Edit

  • Lightningfur — pale yellow tabby molly with scars on her neck. Roleplayed by Ferk
  • Rookpelt — black tom with a scarred muzzle and green eyes. Roleplayed by Shoon
  • Tiger — golden brown tom.

Former Apprentices Edit

  • None at the moment


The Dark Forest is always training young cats so they can one day destroy the warrior code.

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