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Welcome to the ~warriors rp~ Wiki!

Here you can RP Warriors in one of the two Clans: IceClan and FlameClan!



This wiki is about Roleplaying the Warriors series and making fan fictions about Warriors. Chat for fun if you want! Go on and make your own fan fiction of Warriors!

Our wiki is making a chatroom by Chatzy. For the link and password, talk to a staff member. To use it, just log in using the details, and click 'Join Chat'! We are considering opening up a news team! This is just a basic idea, but give it some consideration. Project Character Art and Project Characters are both becoming inactive. Please join to keep them active.

This is a rather small wiki, so everyone is welcome here!

We now have an email! If you don't want everyone to see your complaints or reports, email us at!

We now have a Birthday List! Make sure to add yourself in so we know when to celebrate your birthday~

How did you discover this wiki?

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The New Intro Video!

New users, we now have a video explaining everything!

Warriors Roleplay Wiki Tutorial09:18

Warriors Roleplay Wiki Tutorial

Warriors Roleplay Wiki Tutorial

Have a great time at the ~warriors rp~ Wiki!

From the Admins: Ferk, Crys, and your founder, Trp.

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